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Spooner's highly trained claims professionals provide accurate day-to-day management and have the expertise to prevent runaway claims costs.

Spooner is committed to continually proving our value and all of our clients receive the same high quality service.


What are familiar complaints about Third Party Administrators (TPAs)?

  • We did not receive the services that were sold to us.
  • They expect us to tell them when a claim is bad, and they do not know how to conduct a proper investigation.
  • Claims are not being medically managed, and claimants receive ongoing treatment without question.
  • They change claims examiners all the time.
  • They let claims get out of control and then recommend settling.
  • Their claims examiners are so overloaded that they are unable to effectively manage our claims.
  • We lose every hearing; they do not defend our company very well.
  • We do not receive useful reports, and special reports cost extra.
  • They do not provide us with a meaningful measurement of their performance.

Spooner Inc.

Spooner Claims Management Services

  • Delivery of services sold
  • Claims management
  • Cost control
  • Litigation results
  • Client services
  • Useful metrics
  • Performance
  • Return on investment (ROI)

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