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Third Party Administrator for Ohio Workers' Compensation (TPA)

Lowering Premiums is Our Business!

Since 1975, Spooner has set the standard in Ohio for controlling workers' comp-related risks for employers.


Group Rating

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) allows companies like Spooner to provide employers with up-front premium discounts of up to 53% through trade associations and chambers of commerce.

Group Rating Renewal

View and complete the questionnaire for applicants requesting participation in the Ohio BWC Group Rating Program, administered by Ohio Group Management, LLC.

Grow Ohio

If you've opened a new policy with the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC), your company can save up to 53% on workers’ compensation by entering the Grow Ohio Incentive Program with Spooner.

Group Retro

Spooner Manages the Safest Group Retro Program in Ohio! We have the only group retro program that requires a safety inspection to reduce the risk of claims, OSHA citations and increase group retro refunds. 

Self-Insured Services

Spooner Incorporated set the standard for managing workers' compensation in 1975. Our proactive philosophy and best practices focus on preventing excessive compensation and medical costs and assisting employees in early, healthy return to work.

Consulting Services

Spooner Consulting Services provide companies the tools to lower premiums and control costs. Take back control of your budget and end runaway workers’ comp costs!

Nurse Case Management Services

Spooner Nurse Case Management Services provide best-in-class medical case management for workers' compensation and short- and long-term disability claims. 

Our Staff Gets Results | Spooner Inc.

Our Staff Gets Results

Claims Cost Control Specialists are assigned reasonable caseloads to assure all claims receive proper attention. They participate in continuous training and are supported by a team of expert claim managers, actuaries, legal, human resource and safety professionals.

Our best practices are continuously reviewed to reflect our clients' needs, drive down claim costs and lower workers’ compensation premiums.

Claims Management

Problem claims are identified early and controlled. Claims are fully investigated for medical and circumstantial evidence to properly advise clients about the potential financial impact before any decisions are made.

Claims are continually scrutinized for additional medical and compensation requests to prevent unnecessary claim costs.


Claims Management | Spooner Inc.

Litigation Management | Spooner Inc.

Litigation Management

Contested claims are assigned to independent attorneys – not hearing reps. Attorneys attend each hearing fully prepared with detailed documentation provided by Spooner, at a set per-hearing rate.

Our client success rate at hearings is the direct result of the quality evidence and established expectations set by Spooner. Quality legal defense at hearings matters, and we realize that unprepared and ineffective TPA hearing reps cannot argue on an employer’s behalf at the hearing.

Return To Work

Spooner fosters an early return-to-work with a clear emphasis on work initiatives. Realistic goals and time frames are established early and communicated to all parties.

Spooner coordinates the services needed to return employees to the job as quickly and safely as possible, utilizing the best vocational and medical experts available.

Returning to Work after a Workers' Compensation Claim | Spooner Inc.

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