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Spooner's track record speaks for itself. Spooner's Group Retro calculated refunds to Ohio employers are over $100 million and growing.

No Other Company Can Match Spooner's Group Retro Results! Spooner's Group Retro pools are built and managed to promote refunds. Seasoned actuaries and safety professionals safeguard our groups by only admitting employers that are committed to Spooner's focus on safety and cost control.

A Spooner Retro Group provides safety for its members through aggressive claim cost control and by linking its "performance to payment."

Emphasis on Safety

  • Spooner Safety Experts conduct a comprehensive OSHA/Safety Review to identify deficiencies and provide recommendations for the types of injuries and risks associated with your company's operation.
  • Spooner Safety Experts perform regular inspections and assessments, giving your company the expertise, tools and support to make safety an important part of every step in your company's process
  • Yearly Seminar Series held throughout the State of Ohio offer the opportunity to learn and collaborate with our safety professionals and your peers
  • We have an "Ask the Expert" Hotline available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help our clients with urgent safety issues whenever they arise.

The Facts on Group Retro

  • Group Retro and Group Rating are alike in name only. It’s easy to see the word “group” and think guaranteed savings. The only guarantee with Group Retro is that cost control is rewarded with refunds. The refunds returned to Spooner clients since 2009 by the BWC speaks for itself.
  • You won’t know for 3 years whether or not the percentage of refund promised by the TPA is accurate. No other company can match Spooner’s Group Retro Results.
  • There is no incentive for TPAs to ensure a Group Retro pool receives a refund. TPAs receive their money up front and the success of the group is squarely on the shoulders of the group. Spooner does not charge an up-front fee for participation in Group Retro. Instead, Spooner takes a financial stake in the performance of the group. Spooner only gets paid if the group receives a refund.

Complete our online AC-3 form and Spooner will perform a no cost evaluation to see if your company qualifies for Spooner’s Group Retro Program.

If you have any other questions, please visit our contact page or give us a call at 1-800-837-1103 ext. 153.


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