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    Spooner Group Rating

    Joining a Spooner Group provides you with: comprehensive background investigation, attorney representation at hearings, and assurance you'll remain group rated for years to come! Complete an online request for a quote here

    The Safest Group Retro Program in Ohio

    Why is Spooner's Group Retro Program the safest in Ohio? Spooner is the only group retro program that requires a safety inspection to reduce the risk of claims, OSHA citations, and increases group retro refunds. Spooner is also the only group retro program that links service fees with performance. Spooner doesn't get paid until you get paid a refund.

    Safety Training

    Spooner's safety training promotes OSHA compliance at companies while keeping your employees safe.

Lowering premiums is our business! Since 1975, Spooner has set the standard in Ohio for controlling workers' compensation related risks for employers.
If you have opened a new policy with the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC), your company can save up to 53% on workers' compensation by entering the Grow Ohio Incentive Program with Spooner.
Spooner's comprehensive suite of safety training helps businesses understand ad promote OSHA compliance, while helping protect their most valuable asset - the employees.
It's tough growing a business while maintaining great customer service, let alone keeping the competition at bay. When you add in all the compliance and HR functions on top of that, you're of officially on a never ending hamster wheel of busy work. Unburden yourself from those HR tasks that keep you away from growing and maintaining your business. "Let Spooner Handle Your HR Legwork!"

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