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Integrated Disability Management

Our Disability Management Services control both occupational and non- occupational injuries and provide integrated services for better total management, prevention, and savings.

Whether an incident occurs on the job or at home, the absence of an employee results in lost productivity and higher operating expenses. Spooner IDM focuses on reducing the duration of disability claims and assisting employees in returning to work. Successful management of disability cases requires the collaborative participation of the employees, employers, and treatment providers, and includes assessments of medical status and motivational aspects of the disabilities.

Spooner IDM is the most effective return-to-work service in the industry. Our proactive philosophy and integration of best practices for administration of short- and long-term disability, workers’ compensation, and family & medical leave claims provide a program designed to improve productivity and reduce costs.


Managing the Process vs. Processing the Paper

Spooner's Integrated Disability Management (IDM) provides sustained savings compared to the stamp-and-pay methods used by insurance carriers.

Managing the Process Vs. Processing the Paper

Single-Source Intake

A single coordinated intake of all claims is provided through designated Claims Cost Control Specialists. This common intake requires only one call to report a disability claim, an FMLA leave, or workers’ compensation claim.

Claim Review

Within 24 hours of the first report, Claims Cost Control Specialists conduct a thorough investigation of all the facts, including the background and medical information in the claim.

Precise Medical Management

To ensure appropriate facilitation of quality care, all cases are immediately assigned to Nurse Case Managers for early intervention and aggressive medical case management.

Transitional Work

Expectations for an early return to work are established with a clear emphasis on work initiatives, including modified work assignments and rehabilitation programs.

Expert Provider Network

Deployment of our expert provider network, including independent medical examinations, vocational rehabilitation, physician advisors, and an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) when needed, keep the claim on track and moving toward a favorable conclusion.

Seamless System

Our system eliminates the burden of filing a new application for FMLA or Long-Term Disability when an employee becomes eligible, or the need to track FMLA concurrently with disability or workers’ compensation claims.


Our program design ensures that offsets, such as Social Security Disability and subrogation, are identified early to assist in mitigating claims costs.



Useful Metrics | Spooner Inc.


Useful Metrics

Our proprietary integrated claims management system, is a paperless web solution with up-to-date claim information for workers’ compensation, disability, and FMLA.

The increasing cost of employer workers’ compensation and disability programs confirms that managing claims based on insurance principles does not result in sustained savings.

Individual-Based Approach

Our collaborative disability management practices focus on the individual and the results are:

  • Better Cost Control
  • Cooperation from Treating Physicians
  • Informed Decisions
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Quicker and Safer Return to Work


Individual Based Approach | Spooner Inc.


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