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Group Rating

What is Group Rating | Spooner Inc.

What is Group Rating?

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) allows companies like Spooner to provide employers with up-front premium discounts through trade associations like chambers of commerce.  A group of similar employers committed to safety and loss-control group together. Those employers that are grouped together are viewed by the BWC as one big company, or risk pool. That group of employers then receives a larger discount as a group than they would on their own paying their own individual rate. The current maximum discount available is 53%. 

What are the advantages of joining a group rating program with Spooner?

Group rating is not guaranteed to every Ohio employer. Employers that have costly workers compensation claims experience reduced group discounts or often ineligible for group rating in ensuing years. The strong risk control services at Spooner provide employers with strategies to maintain higher discounts and group eligibility year in and year out. It’s not the number of claims an employer has it’s the costs of those claims. Spooner focuses on safety AND cost control.

Key Group Rating Services with Spooner:

  1.  Attorney Representation at Industrial Commission Hearings
  2. 24/7/365 Safety Hotline
  3. Comprehensive Post Accident Investigations


How can I find if my company is eligible for a group rating discount?

Please complete a temporary authorization form and Spooner will perform a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation. Spooner will provide you with the potential savings and service advantages of working with us.

What if I can’t get into a group rating program?

Spooner has many savings program options for those employers that are not eligible for traditional group rating like group retrospective rating.  Spooner can also help you with many other exciting workers’ compensation rating alternatives, please contact us at info@spoonerinc.com for more information on those alternative rating options.


Complete our online AC-3 form and Spooner will perform a no-cost evaluation to identify ways we can help your company save.

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