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Safety Consulting

Spooner’s safety professionals can help your company
address all of your employee safety related risks.

For all of the safety issues, you are aware of that you’d like to remediate or to simply identify the issues you didn’t know existed, Spooner’s safety professional can help.

How can Spooner’s Safety Consulting Services help your company?

Safety Consulting | Spooner Inc.


New Equipment Reviews

It is a mistake to assume that just because equipment is new that it is safe and OSHA compliant. Spooner’s safety professionals will review the new equipment to ensure it is safe and OSHA compliant.

New Acquisition Due Diligence

The due diligence process of acquiring a new business should include an investigation of the workers’ compensation, OSHA, and overall safety related risks of that business. An in-depth review by Spooner will give you peace of mind in knowing the acquisition won’t cause any surprises when it comes to those risks.

VSSR Investigations

Violations of a Specific Safety Requirement (VSSR) are not only costly, they are avoidable and defendable. Spooner’s safety professionals are routinely engaged by companies and their legal counsel to investigate the potential for a VSSR claim or the defensibility of a claim of a VSSR.

OSHA Informal Conference Preparation and OSHA Complaint Responses

Spooner routinely prepares thorough OSHA complaint responses that reduce and eliminate costly fines for non-compliance. Let the experienced safety professionals at Spooner put our expertise to work in defending your company at OSHA informal conferences, preparing OSHA complaint responses, and reducing/eliminating fines.

Hazard Risk Assessments

Spooner will: 1) Identify any hazards or risk hazards that pose potential harm to employees, 2) Analyze and evaluate the risks associated with those identified hazards, and 3) Prepare a plan of action to eliminate the hazards and/or control the risk if the hazard cannot be fully eliminated.

Ergonomic Evaluations

Spooner will investigate ways to improve processes to remove the risk factors that lead to injuries and allows your employees to improve performance and productivity.




Investigations and Litigation | Spooner Inc.


Serious Incident Investigations and Litigation Support

Spooner provides expert confidential investigation services including expert witness testimony and litigation support. Attorneys and employers make Spooner on of their first calls following a catastrophic accident. We document the root causes of an accident because a fine from OSHA, an Intentional Tort lawsuit or a finding against the employer for a Violation of a Specific Safety Requirement will be costly. Our documented findings lock in the facts immediately following an injury and we’ll stand by our reports by providing expert witness testimony in court.

Prep for OHSAS 18001 Certification

Spooner safety professionals will help with the certification process

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