Lowering Premiums is Our Business

Unemployment Compensation Claims

Our advice and expertise protect you from unnecessary unemployment-related costs. With Spooner, your unemployment claims are overseen by an attorney and all hearing representation is handled by an attorney.

Attorney Hearing Representation

Attorney representation for telephonic and in-person hearings is the most effective way to protect your company. Only attorneys can legally argue, interpret and cross-examine based on State and Federal Unemployment Laws.

Attorney Managed Claims Administration

Potential problem claims are identified early and legal defense can begin without delay. Whether you use our attorney or your own, the groundwork has been prepared for your defense since day one.


Audit of Benefit Charges and Tax Rate

We eliminate any potential overpayments or errors by auditing your charges and tax rates. We know what to look for so you don't have to and will protest them on your behalf so you don't pay any unnecessary costs.

Customized Reports

Our proprietary system allows us to customize our reports to suit your business needs. Let us know what you need and we will create the report around you.

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