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Litigation Management Made Simple with Spooner, Inc.

Litigation management is made simple when working with Spooner, Inc.

Spooner provides Ohio employers with the best strategies in the industry to control workers' compensation costs. One of those strategies is litigation management. Spooner leaves nothing to chance when a workers' compensation claim is contested to the Industrial Commission of Ohio. The importance of attorney representation on behalf of the employer cannot be discounted and provides employers with the best chance at successful hearing outcomes. The non-attorney hearing representation provided by the majority of the TPA industry in Ohio simply isn't as effective when so much money is on the line at hearing.

Does an Employer Need to Have an Attorney Present for a Worker's Comp Claim? 

Yes. An employer needs legal representation for worker's compensation claims in the Industrial Commission, with execution of settlement, in the legal analysis of a claim, and if the claim makes it all the way to the court of common pleas. Moreover, the legal representative in these cases must be from an outside law firm.

Litigation Management Flowchart |Spooner, Inc.

The idea of attorney representation is essential in regards to claims management. For example, at an industrial commission hearing, the attorney can cross-examine the claimant. They can state the law within worker's comp in Ohio, and they can argue the claimant attorney's position.

It's imperative to have an attorney rather than a claimant representative. Most third-party administrators will send a claimant rep, but when they are sent to the hearings, they cannot do most of the things in court that an attorney can, such as argue claims.

How We Help Employers Dealing with Worker's Compensation Claims

We look at the medical history of the claimant to see what's going on and then we advise them. Moreover, when an attorney is involved, it is important to understand where the claim can be settled, where costs can be controlled, and how to defend the employer's position on the claim itself.

Spooner is Ohio's leader in Workers' Compensation, Safety, Unemployment, and FMLA/Short Term Disability Administration. We are here to inform Ohio employers about the best strategies to deal with worker's comp claims. If you have any questions about litigation management, please contact us today!litigation Management is simple with Spooner

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