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Author: Nathan Kenney

Worker's compensation plays a major role in MA deals, though few realize it

By Nathan Kenney
October 23, 2016 Category: General

There are many factors that go into determining the value of a company. Many buyers and sellers dont realize, however, that an MA deals value changes based on existing workers compensation claims, coverage history and program status. Successors must look closely at the company theyre acquiring, says Nathan Kenney, Chief Operating Officer at Spooner, Inc. When you combine two entities, everyones situation can get worse. If you dont take workers compensation into account when doing a deal, youll pay more than the value the acquired company brings to the deal in the long run. Smart Business spoke with Kenney about the effect workers compensation liabilities have on an MA event and how a correct value can be assessed. How are the parties in an MA deal affected by workers compensation liabilities? When an MA deal is executed the predecessor company is no longer responsible for its workers compensation liabilities they transfer to the successor company at the date of the close with all

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