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Category: Workers Compensation

Litigation Management Made Simple with Spooner, Inc.

By Spooner, Inc.
April 09, 2019 Category: Workers Compensation

Spooner provides Ohio employers with the best strategies in the industry to control workers compensation costs. One of those strategies is litigation management. Spooner leaves nothing to chance when a workers compensation claim is contested to the Industrial Commission of Ohio. The importance of attorney representation on behalf of the employer cannot be discounted and provides employers with the best chance at successful hearing outcomes. The non-attorney hearing representation provided by the majority of the TPA industry in Ohio simply isnt as effective when so much money is on the line at hearing. Does an Employer Need to Have an Attorney Present for a Workers Comp Claim? Yes. An employer needs legal representation for workers compensation claims in the Industrial Commission, with execution of settlement, in the legal analysis of a claim, and if the claim makes it all the way to the court of common pleas. Moreover, the legal representative in these cases must be from an outside

Changes to the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation for 2019

By Spooner Incorporated
January 04, 2019 Category: Workers Compensation, Ohio BWC, Group Retro

Spooner Inc., has partnered with Virteom to engage our customers and users about our services. Giving you the behind the scenes of how we help business owners and employers. In our video series, Jacqui and Joe talk about what Spooner Inc., does and how it all works! This video is about all of the changes the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation has coming in 2019. Watch or read the transcription below! We work a lot with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation and in 2019, there are some changes that may affect employers and your clients. Whats the Deal with Billion Back? A lot of employers have seen the billion back refunds that have gone out four of the last seven years now. I think, in an attempt to battle that discussion of why are you able to give a billion back, the bureau is starting to give some discounts upfront to employers. They wanted to help out employers specifically that arent getting group rating, an up front discount for safe drivers, was discussed in our previous video.

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